I will create a login registration system with email verification


Hey guys,

I am offering in this gig a complete secure login system for your website.

I am here for you to work on PHP and develop the best login registration system for $20.

The programming language will be PHP(Mysql).

The basic gig includes :

· Signup: sign up with email verification . The user’s info will be stored in a database.

· Login: The user can log in through his username and password.

· Profile: User can view their profiles.

.Index page:responsive landing page.

· Logout: Secure PHP session logout.

I am also offering custom Form designing for your Web forms and HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP.

if you want to add forgot password, change the password and email change the system or profile photo upload system or change system then you will tell me .for this work you will pay me 15$ extra.

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