HairOmega Multivitamin Gummy System with 6000 mcg Biotin for Hair Growth


  • Remembering to take vitamins can be a chore. Instead of dreading taking your vitamins, you’ll now look forward to it with the HairOmega Hair Skin and Nails Gummies system.
  • That’s because we’ve turned the great Hairomega Nutrient Providing hair growth formula into gummy form (not gummy bear)!
  • Just take 2 gummies (not gummy bears) everyday. The separate biotin gummies allows you to vary the amount of biotin you consume. They taste so good you won’t forget to take them!
  • The unique formula of each gummy work together synergistically to support thicker, stronger, longer lasting hair.
  • Best of all, our formula is made with real sugar and is free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and synthetic colors.

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