DrFormulas Zinc Oxide/Citrate Chelated Zinc Supplement


DrFormulas Zinc Oxide Chelated Zinc Supplement

  • 435% Daily Value of Zinc- Most adults do not consume an adequate amount of zinc because of competitive binding by copper. Copper competes with zinc for absorption.
  • Zinc is essential for metabolism and enzymatic activity. Chemical reactions in each cell of your body rely on this essential mineral.
  • DrFormulas ZINC is chelated to maximize bioavailability.
  • 100 DAY SUPPLY: Just 1 pill per day to support immune and skin health.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Made in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practices facility to ensure quality and consistency.

Zinc: Studies show that people with acne tend to have a zinc deficiency. Zinc supplementation can help acne by restoring healthy zinc level, tempering the skin’s inflammatory response, and leaving it less vulnerable to acne-causing bacteria.

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